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                              *******Just In - Sunday,  February 26th, 2017 *********

    *GIBSON ES-175, 1988, white turned yellow, gold hardware, vgc+, ohsc...$2900

    *GIBSON SG Junior, 2011, Cherry, 1 P-90, vgc+, ohsc......$595

    *MARTIN D-18, 2008, non-scalloped braces, Rare Earth soundhole pickup, exc......$1295

    *VOX AC-15, recent,  G-12M Greenback 12" Celestion, MIC, exc.......$450

    *LARRIVEE 000-40RW, New,  Alpine Moonwood ( Austrian Red Spruce) top, Rosewood back & sides,
              Pearl inlaid Torch peghead, $2498 List, ohsc.......$1998

    *LARRIVEE L-02, NEW, Mahogany back and sides, symmetrical wide grained
             Spruce top, classic original "L" shaped Larrivee body,  ohsc, $1298 list....$1039

    *YAMAHA CG-171SF, '80s, made in Taiwan, Flamenco guitar with 2 transparent
          tap plates on the solid spruce top, Cyprus back and sides, exc, ossc....$325

                             *******Just In - Thursday,  February 23rd, 2017 *********

 *FENDER Jazz Bass, c 2002, Black, Noiseless pickups, abalone dots, 4 knobs,
             exc, gigbag.......$750

    *FENDER Strat, 1965, sunburst, green guard, very worn, ohsc.....$12,900

 *GIBSON Les Paul TV Special, 1959, TV Yellow, 2 P-90s, had a restoration
        at the peghead and neck- invisible, fine player, looks great.......

 *TAYLOR N62-CE, 2003, Nylon string cutaway, flamed maple back & sides,
            spruce top, 1 7/8" at nut, ebony board, Fishman Prefix side mount
            pickup system, a few dings but exc, ohsc..........$1450

                          *******Just In - Monday,  February 20th, 2017 *********

 *ANALOG OUTFITTERS Road Amp, NEW, Head, outer shell of repurposed
          One Lane Bridge metal sign,  2- 6V6 power tubes, a 12 AX7
           Preamp tube, a 12 AU7 phase inverter, 5U4GB Rectifier, 8 Ohms, 
           20 watts Class A, built from  vintage Hammond Organ amp 
           with vintage transformer.....$1395

 *ANALOG OUTFITTERS Sarge, NEW, Re-purposed steel case with 2- EL84 Power Tubes
            2- 12AX7 Preamplifier Tubes, 5Y3 Rectifier,
            8 Ohm Output Impedance, 15 Watt Class A Power
            Vintage Power and Output Transformers, built tough and highly portable,
             " gritty and authoritative tone that can cut through the mix and provide
                everything from clean to screaming and crunchy with a tight bottom end.  
                The Sarge reflects how you hit each note, resulting in a countless number
               of adjustable tones that still allow the natural sound of each instrument
                to come through. Despite only having three knobs, you’ll never run out 
               of gravy spots. In case with handle........$1295

 *ANALOG OUTFITTERS Speaker Cabinet 1x12, NEW, natural Maple cabinet
            with bright red stain, 12" Eminence Red Coat Series "Governor"....$699


          (gbL)                   *******Just In - Sunday,  February 19th, 2017 *********

 *GIBSON Firebird III, Reverse Firebird from 1963, sunburst finish, 
                dot inlay, invisible ( except under black light) headstock crack repair, 
                2 new capacitors, new treble/bass plastic toggle surround, 
               pro fret job, plays smooth and sounds great, original hard 
               shell case, vgc++......$6900

 *DAN ARMSTRONG PlexiGlass Electric, 1969, clear plexi with 1 pickup,
            exceptionally nice condition, all original with case....$3250

 *PRS Hollowbody 2 Artist Package, 2006, natural, thin archtop, curly maple top and back,
             mahogany sides, Gold hardware, Abalone birds and signature, Piezo pickup,
             came with 2 Archtop pickups but upgraded to 2 57/08 humbuckers,
             wide fat neck, has the light braces, near mint, papers, ohsc....$3350

 *PRS Hollow Body 2, Single Cutaway, 2008, all mahogany, hollow bird inlays,
         2x245 pickups, wide flat neck, with the lighter braces, exc, ohsc, papers...$2350 

 *FENDER Deluxe amp, 1950, Tweed, is there a cleaner one 
        out there? 100% original with the brown cover, Museum quality, exc+........$6500

     *FENDER Hot Rod Deluxe, used, made in USA, 1x12" Combo with 12" Fender (Eminence)
           speaker, exc....$495

 *MUSIC MAN 112RD, 1979, Classic Music Man Combo witha  12" Special Design Jensen
         speaker, Hi and Lo Gain inputs, Reverb, vgc+........$695
    *TONE KING Comet 40B, Brown/creme, 2 channels, Reverb, 
             2x12" Tone King speakers, fan, foot switch, exc.....$1395

 *SOLDANO HR-50, Hot Rod 50 Watt head, 2x 6L6 power tubes, has the Warren 
       Haynes mod on the front and the Depth mod on the back, exc........$895

         (GBL)                  *******Just In - Wednesday,  February 15th, 2017 *********

 *PILAR Titan, recent, Tele style with 2 pickups, blue/green relic finish
         on swamp ash body, large C shaped maple neck, 10" radius,
          Porter Custom Tele pickup, Joe Barden bridge and saddles, 
         with maple fretboard, 6.95 lbs, tweed case...........$1450

 *SUPRO Jamesport, recent, Jet Black, Ozark body style with 1 Gold foil pickup, 
          25.5" scale, 6100 fretwire, $1199 list, exc,  gigbag.......$450
    *VINTAGE 47  Amp

 *Electro Harmonix EchoFlange, '70s, excellent condition w/ original box...$550

 *CHARVEL CSM-2B Bass, used, Black, PJ pickups, maple neck, exc...$150

 *FENDER Cabronita Precision Bass, recent, Sunburst,  alder body with  contour, 
         “C”-shaped maple neck with gloss urethane finish, 9.5” radius maple cap 
          fingerboard, single Fideli’Tron  humbucking bass pickup, exc...$450

 *GIBSON EB-0, 1961, Cherry, thick double cut Junior style body, 
            1 black plastic covered pickup, 30.5" scale, all original, exc.....$3750

 *MARTIN 5-15T, 1930, All mahogany Tenor guitar, original bar frets,
         sounds and plays great, vgc.........$1495

 *CinchFit: Acoustic Jack Lock,   D’Addario Acoustic Cinch Fit is the fast and easy way to attach 
                 your strap to acoustic guitars with endpin output jacks. Endpin jacks are notorious
                  for creating hassles when applying and removing standard guitar straps, and usually 
                   require modification to the strap which results in a less-than-desirable fit. 
                  The Acoustic Cinch Fit loops through the end of any instrument strap and its cinch
                  clamping action allows easy application and removal, utilizing the weight of the
                   instrument to remain locked onto the endpin so your guitar is always held securely.
                     Note: The Acoustic Cinch Fit is designed to work with Fishman and Switchcraft 
                             style endpin jacks. We cannot guarantee that the unit will work with all brands 
                            and styles of endpin jacks.    Easily attach any strap to acoustic endpin jacks
                            Cinch-style clamp for quick application and removal
                            No strap modification required      Magnetic security clasps  $19.95 list...$15

                                   *******Just In - Wednesday,  February 8th, 2017 *********
 *GIBSON EB-3, 1965, Cherry, all original, large pickup at the neck, 
      smaller mini-humbucker at the bridge, has the palm rest, all
      original, unfaded, no breaks except one small crack in the plastic pickguard,
      exc, with tags and original hard shell case....$4900

 *GIBSON Map Guitar, 1985, white, with red, white and blue stars and stripes,
              1 of 9 like this,  pots dated '84, all original, some checking, exc, hsc....$4500

 *COLLETTI Corleone( the city, not the person) Archtop, recent, 17" cutaway, 
            red Violin sunburst Nitrocellulose finish,   9-ply body binding, 25.5" scale, 
            1-3/4" at nut, asymmetrical X-Bracing,  Eastern Curly Maple back and sides, 
            hand carved AAA European Spruce tap tuned top, hand carved Ebony bridge & tailpiece,
              5 Piece Laminated curly maple & walnut neck, split block MOP inlays, Gold Grover
             Imperial tuners, bound ƒ holes, floating Kent Armstrong humbucking pickup 
             w/volume & tone controls on wooden pickguard, exc, ohsc...$2900

       (gbLvg)                   *******Just In - Monday,  February 6th, 2017 *********

 *MARTIN D-18, 1953, fine guitar with excellent tone, good refret,
             fine action, all original inside and out except for perfect repro
            Brazilian bridge, vgc++, hsc.........$5500

 *AMPEG BT-15 Bass amp, c 1968 Solid State FlipTop, 2 channels, 
              Head with 1x15" speaker cab, vgc+....$795

         (gbLvg)               *******Just In - Monday,  January 30th, 2017 *********

 *GIBSON ES-175, 1950, Sunburst, 1 P-90, all original, exc+,
              brown case....$5500 

 *GIBSON A Mandolin, 1925, Black Snakehead, the coolest A style in town, 
               slight separation at one side of upper back/side, exc, ohsc...$2750
 *MARTIN Terz Custom Shop, 2015, Sunburst, size 5, Spruce top, curly Maple
             back and sides, straight across ebony bridge, ebony fingerboard with
             snowflake inlays, pearl rosette, goldbuuterbean Grover tuners, 
             21.5" scale, 1 3/4" at nut, $4260 list, ohsc..........$2750
 *FARFISA VIP 345 Keyboard, has the cover, missing volume pedal & stand...$450

      (lgbVg)                  *******Just In - Thursday,  January 26th, 2017 *********

 *Olson Jumbo, 2002, Engelmann Spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood back & sides, sharp cutaway,
                herringbone trim, pearl rosette, 17" across, 25.4" scale, 1 3/4" at nut, slim profile neck, 
                pearl inlays in ebony board,  a few minor dings but extra fine condition,
                 beautiful resonant and loud, w/ Calton Flight Case......$19,500

 *GIBSON SG Special, 1963, Polaris White, 2 P-90s, stopbar tailpiece, all original
            in extra fine condition, w/ ohsc w/ yellow lining, exc....$7500
     *MARSHALL MG-15 CFX, combo, exc.......$129

     *MARSHALL MG-15 DFX, combo, recent, 1-8" speaker, exc....$89

     *MARSHALL Valve State VS 65R, Combo, used, exc........$140



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 Meet Ian Davlin, head of our repair crew-
    1952 Les Paul that has a screw reinforcing a neck crack. When the customer originally
           brought the guitar in it had putty over the screw and the crack repair was failing.
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     SG and Marshall

    Defying logic- 3 Explorers, courtesy J. Menza
   Two '59 Les Pauls, courtesy J. Menza

   Two Airlines

  Three Strats, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Old Golds-ES-295 & '54 Les Paul, courtesy Lark Street Music

  The '60 Cherry Les Paul, courtesy J. Menza

  Moserite Double & Selmer Zodiac,  courtesy Lark Street Music

 Bacon & Days anyday, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Firebirds, courtesy Lark Street Music

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         the amazing DOUBLE FUZZ!!!  Distortion with an option for adding an upper octave,
         list price $229, street price............. $189 
 *AFTERWORD Delay pedal, by Mazeltone, The Afterword delay is a digital analog hybrid delay,
             although employing digital circuitry the repeats are thick and warm with delay times 
             up to 600 ms it can cover everything from slap back to ambient moods. 
             The final word in delay, New...$189
    featuring Buck Malen, Johnny Rabb, Kevin Maul, unknown banjo phenom & Frances
   DUKE LEVINE's brand new "Beneath The Blue"   CD, with Kevin Barry, Jay Bellerose,
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                We often get asked  "where do these guitars come from" ??? or "who buys these things" ??
                So here's an interesting picture of the quite rare White ES-345 (that we had for sale for about a year)
                with both it's original ( c. 1964), and current (April'06)  owners.

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       For you who don't know, we do all manner of guitar repair and restoration.  We do most of it here but 
      also give some work to Dom Ramos -repairing and building since working in Dan Armstrong's shop in 
      the '60s.  We've also been a Martin Warrantee Center since 1985 before Martin closed down all 5 NJ Centers 
      because of a tax dispute between NJ and Martin

       Wes Montgomery on Practicing:
  “I never practice my guitar… from time to time I just open the case and throw in a piece of raw meat.”
 (courtesy of Doc Siegal)


           DON'T SCROLL DOWN -    Feelings below

  Political sentiments
Turn back before it's too late!

               Kerry's Rage Against Israel - Editorial
John Kerry delivered a marathon speech Wednesday excoriating Israel.
 It's not for lack of U.S. diplomacy that there is no peace. 
In 2000 then-President Bill Clinton brought Israeli and Palestinian
 leaders to Camp David to negotiate a final peace agreement, only
 to watch Palestinians walk away from an offer that would have 
granted them a state on nearly all of Gaza and the West Bank. 
That failure was followed by another Palestinian terror campaign.
    Israelis remember that they elected leaders - Yitzhak Rabin in 
1992, Ehud Barak in 1999, Ehud Olmert in 2006 - who made repeated
 peace overtures to the Palestinians, only to be met with violence and 
rejection. Israelis also remember that Netanyahu ordered a settlement 
freeze, and that also brought peace no closer.
    The lesson is that Jewish settlements are not the main obstacle to peace.
 If they were, Gaza would be on its way to becoming the Costa Rica
 of the Mediterranean. The obstacle is Palestinian rejection of Israel's
 right to exist as a Jewish state in any borders. A Secretary of State who
 wishes to resolve the conflict could have started from that premise, 
while admonishing the Palestinians that they will never get a state so 
long as its primary purpose is the destruction of its neighbor. (Wall Street Journal)

              With New Resolution, the UN Drives Stake into Israeli-Palestinian Peace Hopes - Michael Oren
The UN Security Council resolution denouncing Israel's presence 
in territories it captured in 1967 poses untold dangers not only
 to Israel but to the Palestinians themselves, and greatly diminishes
 the chances for peace. The resolution means the Western Wall and 
other places sacred to Jews for 3,000 years are considered as illegally 
occupied. It labels 600,000 Israelis as "flagrant violators of international law."
 The goal of the initiators of the resolution was not to achieve a
 better two-state solution, but to deny Israel the right to defend 
itself and, ultimately, the right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state.
 Israel will survive this legal onslaught and continue to thrive. The
 Palestinians, by contrast, will remain stateless.
    A strong Israel is virtually all that stands between the Sunni Arab 
states and the radical jihadists in Iran and ISIS. The Security Council 
vote will undoubtedly reinforce those radicals and embolden them to
 mount further attacks not only against the Jewish State but also 
against its Arab neighbors. And the long-tormented peoples of
 the Middle East will receive an unequivocal message from the UN: 
the massacre of more than half a million Arabs in Syria, Iraq, and 
Yemen is unimportant. All that matters is Jews living and praying
 in their homeland.
    Finally, the resolution impairs American credibility, casting
 doubts on the reliability of American commitments. By abstaining
 on the resolution, and in effect abandoning its only democratic
 Middle Eastern ally, the U.S. has called into question its dependability
 to its other friends. No American ally should rest easily.  
           The writer, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., is deputy
 minister for diplomacy in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office. (Newsweek)

How Did Israeli Settlements Become a Legally Contentious Issue at the UN? -
 Dore Gold (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

Right after World War II, the U.S. and its allies wanted to prevent a
 repetition of the practice of the Axis powers who evicted the populations
 from the areas that came under their control and forcibly transferred
 their own populations into those very same territories. For this reason, 
the Allies drafted the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention in the way that 
they did. But this is not what is occurring with Israeli settlement activity, 
as Israel has argued for decades.   
There is one place, however, where this scenario is taking place right now -
 and it is not in the West Bank. It is occurring in Syria, where Sunni Arabs
 are being systematically replaced by Shiites from Iraq and other countries
 in order to alter the demographic makeup of the Syrian state, in accordance
 with the interests of Iran. Tehran wants a Shiite belt from its western border
 to the Mediterranean in order to establish its hegemony in the Middle East.
And what is the UN doing about this? It is deliberating over a new draft
 resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity, while ignoring the mass
 transfer of populations transpiring across the entire Levant. As usual,
 it is obsessed with Israel while ignoring the dangerous actions of Iran.
The Palestinians themselves agreed in the 1995 Interim Agreement that
 the issue of Israeli settlements in the West Bank should be addressed as 
an item for negotiation between the parties. It is not tenable for the 
Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, to repeatedly refuse to negotiate
 with Israel and then expect the UN Security Council to take up his concerns
 in his place. The U.S., which signed the Interim Agreement as a witness, 
should veto the proposed draft resolution on settlements.
The UN, for its part, should take measures to halt the ethnic cleansing of Sunni 
populations across the Middle East that is occurring today. But that
 would require standing up to Iran and its allies, which many states 
sitting in the Security Council are plainly reluctant to do.

Israel Is a Model of Democracy and Multi-Ethnicity - Bernard-Henri Levy 
interviewed by Ben Cohen (The Tower)

Israel is a model of democracy not only for the Middle East but for
 the world. Since the very day of its birth, 69 years ago, Israel has
 had an exemplary attitude, which is to deal with emergencies 
without giving up on democratic values.
I don't see any other example in modern history of a country that 
has had to face a constant state of war, a constant state of emergency,
 having in its own space a very strong minority who might be
 tempted to take the path of the adversary, and yet sticks so 
firmly to its principles.
Never forget that you have in Israel a number of Arab parliamentarians,
 which we in France don't have. Don't forget that the Arabic language
 is an official language of Israel. And don't forget that even in the 
moment when you have some Arab cities inside Israel demonstrating 
against Israeli policy, as during the Gaza war, there was never any 
step towards depriving this or that part of society of its democratic 
and civil rights. It never happened.
Israel also can really be considered as a model of dealing with the 
matter of multi-ethnicity. Because, at the end of the day, what is Israel?
 Israel is people coming from the west, from the east, from the south. 
People coming from Europe, people coming from Russia, people 
coming from the Arab world. People of every different possible 
ethnicity. And all of them made so quickly, nearly overnight, a nation.
 I don't see any other examples of that.
I completely understand those who go in the streets in Europe 
demonstrating for the memory of 2,000 or 3,000 Palestinian dead
 during the war in Gaza. What I don't understand is that I never saw
 them in the same streets when Bashar al-Assad kills not 2,000 or 3,000 
but 300,000 or 400,000 of his own citizens. I never saw them in 
the streets when a Muslim leader in Sudan killed, in South Sudan,
 400,000 or 500,000 people. And the same for the victims of Saddam Hussein. 
And the same for the Palestinians killed, tortured, by other Palestinians.
So it's more than strange that those who cannot accept Israel waging 
a defensive war don't feel upset or uncomfortable when an Arab leader
 kills one hundred times more Arab women and men.
There are some people in the West, and in America also, who care about
 lives only when Jews and Israel are involved. If that's not the case, then
 they don't give a damn, they don't demonstrate, they don't care.
 What name do you give to that? For me, this way of saying that the
 victim is interesting only if she had to deal with the Jews, this is anti-Semitism.

Bernard-Henri Levy is a French philosopher and author of more than 30 books, including The Genius of Judaism (Jan. 2017).

Israel Conducted No Ethnic Cleansing in 1948 - Benny Morris (Ha'aretz)

The Palestinians were the ones who started the 1948 war when
 they rejected the UN compromise plan and embarked on hostile
 acts in which 1,800 Jews were killed between November 1947 
and mid-May 1948.
Concern for the welfare of the Arabs in prestate Israel was not the
 main reason Arab leaders decided to invade Israel on the 
eve of May 15. Jordan's King Abdullah wanted to expand his
 country's borders, the Egyptian king wanted to deny the Jordanian
 king major territorial achievements, and the leaders of Syria, 
Iraq and Egypt feared the reaction at home if they did not invade.
At no stage of the 1948 war was there a decision by the political
 or military leadership of the Jewish Yishuv or the state to expel 
the Arabs. Nor did any important party in the Yishuv, including
 the Revisionists, adopt such a policy in its platform.
On March 24, 1948, Israel Galili, Ben-Gurion's deputy and the head 
of the Haganah, ordered all the Haganah brigades not to uproot
 Arabs from the territory of the designated Jewish state. Things 
did change in early April due to the Yishuv's shaky condition and
 the impending Arab invasion. But there was no overall expulsion
 policy and for the most part the Arabs simply fled. I don't accept 
the definition "ethnic cleansing" for what the Jews in prestate
 Israel did in 1948.
Incidentally, Arab countries carried out ethnic cleansing and uprooted
 all the Jews, down to the last one, from any territory they captured 
in 1948. The Jews, on the other hand, left Arabs in place in Haifa
 and Jaffa, and in the villages along the country's main traffic arteries
 - the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway and the Tel Aviv-Haifa highway -
 a fact that does not conform with the claim of ethnic cleansing.
Unfortunately, Benjamin Netanyahu is right when he says the main 
obstacle to peace is the unwillingness of the Arabs to agree to a 
compromise based on two states for two peoples, and their 
rejection of the legitimacy of the Zionist enterprise and the State of Israel.

The writer is a professor of history at Ben-Gurion University.


       Today marks 15 years since Al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center and
 the Pentagon, murdering 2, 977 people. Since that day, in 2001, at least 
another 1,000 people have died from illnesses caused by exposure to debris
 from the failing towers.

A US-led NATO taskforce invaded Afghanistan shortly afterwards to remove
 the Taliban, and to find and capture Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden is now dead,
 but Afghanistan is still at war. Al-Qaeda’s successor organization, the Islamic
 State (ISIS, ISIL), has established a state of sorts across swathes of Syria and
 Iraq. Al-Qaeda itself is an active participant in Syria’s increasingly complicated civil war.

Since the attack, efforts to defeat terrorism have eluded success. 
Here are three things to bear in mind:

With the collapse of the USSR, Islamism is the only ideological alternative to Western hegemony

Islamism is a comprehensive political system that offers a total ideological 
alternative to the mainstream Western consensus of democracies enforcing 
liberal values, backed by American hard power. Since international communism
 collapsed, those opposed to this system have been left without an
 ideological home.

This fact puts into perspective the close relationship between sections of 
the hard left, such as the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn or Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, 
with totalitarian Islamists such as Hamas or insurgents fighting American
 forces in Iraq. Both Corbyn and Benjamin transitioned seamlessly from 
traditional left-wing and socialist/communist alignment to apologism 
for terrorist groups who were deemed to be oppressed, as part of a broader 
strategy of defiance against American and Western power.

In 2009, Corbyn called Hamas a force for “social good” and his “friends,” 
while in 2004, Benjamin collected $600,000 in medical supplies and cash
 to deliver to the families of terrorist insurgents fighting the U.S. in Iraq.

Opposed to what they term “neo-liberalism” in principle, activists like these
 will seek out any allies opposed to it which, in the current era, means Islamist
 extremists, who have pretty much the only viable (albeit horrific) alternative 
ideology to Western neo-liberalism.

 Al-Qaeda Wanted to Provoke an Overreaction

As early as 2005, a book entitled This is How We See and Want Jihad was 
circulating showing Al-Qaeda’s 20-year long game plan to defeat the 
West and establish an Islamic Caliphate. This was further illuminated by
 the groundbreaking work of Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussain. The
 plan has seven phases. The first phase, between 2000 and 2003, 
aimed to draw America into a war against Muslims and thus “crown al-Qaeda
 as the leader of the nation.”

Later phases aimed to make the war intractable and thus gain support for 
Al-Qaeda while demoralizing the West, and toppling Arab regimes allied to 
America and Israel. The plan includes creating a jihadi army in Syria and Iraq, 
and drawing in funding and recruits from outside.

Once U.S. power began to wane, after a decade of an expensive war of attrition, 
a caliphate was to be declared at some point from 2013 to 2016. After 2016, 
the phase of “total war” would begin, waging attacks against Western targets 
around the world; the “beginning of the confrontation between faith and 
disbelief, which would begin in earnest after the establishment of the Islamic

Al-Qaeda and its successor the Islamic State seem remarkably on track with
 this plan, especially considering the turmoil engulfing the region. It is also
 very important to note that they see terrorism as a means of destabilizing
 the West to further the establishment of a caliphate, rather than as an end in itself.

 Ideology is the Key to Victory

Bearing in mind the first two points, we see that Al-Qaeda and other jihadi groups
 see terrorism as a means to an end. To prevent another 9/11 from taking place, 
therefore, we have to tackle their end goal and show the world precisely how 
and why an Islamist caliphate is a bad idea.

When we can do that, young jihadis will not be motivated to sacrifice their lives 
in an attempt to establish this caliphate, and idealistic activists will not make
 excuses for people fighting for these goals.

Such clarity is needed now more than ever because, 15 years after the tragic
 September 11th attacks, there is still no end in sight for the “War on Terror.”

 Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

The World Dodged a Bullet in Syria - Thanks to Israel - John Hannah (Foreign Policy)

I well remember the day in spring 2007 when I got an urgent
 call from Vice President Cheney. The head of Israel's Mossad,
 the late Meir Dagan, had just been in to brief Cheney and
 President Bush. He revealed compelling evidence that in the 
Syrian desert east of Damascus, near the town of Al-Kibar, 
North Korea was covertly building a plutonium-producing 
nuclear reactor. It was more or less a replica of the North's 
own reactor at Yongbyon.
Making matters worse, Al-Kibar was perilously close to completion. 
Options for getting rid of it would narrow considerably once 
operations began and the reactor went "hot." For its part, 
the U.S. intelligence community had totally missed Al-Kibar.
The fact is that the U.S. dodged a bullet in Syria - and, it's worth
 stressing, all courtesy of the Israelis. Not only did they discover 
Al-Kibar in the nick of time. They also carried out the attack that 
was almost certainly the only means of ensuring the reactor
 never went hot.
Just imagine the nightmare that the world would have faced if, 
on top of everything else in Syria, we were also dealing with
 the nightmare of the Islamic State getting its hands on a 
plutonium-producing nuclear reactor.

The writer, a senior counselor at the Foundation for Defense
 of Democracies, was national security advisor to Vice President 
Dick Cheney from 2005 to 2009.

Taking Sides in the War within Islam - Bernard-Henri Levy

     Appeasement of violent radicalism only encourages more of the same. 
We must acknowledge that two Islams are locked in a fight
to the death, and that because the battlefield is the planet
and the war threatens values that the West embraces, the fight 
is not solely the Muslims' affair.
        We must aid, encourage, and ideologically arm Muslims 
who reject the Islam of hate in favor of an Islam respectful 
of women, their faces, and their rights, as well as of human 
rights in general. Genuine anti-racists, anti-imperialists,
 and believers in republican democracy must take the side 
of the Islam of moderation and peace in its war against the 
criminal Islam of the Salafists. The writer is a French public
 intellectual, media personality, and author. (Project Syndicate)

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